Film-concert “Os Lobos” opens Cine’Eco 2017

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Performed by the Italian Rino Lupo, Os Lobos is considered one of the most exciting feature length films ever shot in Portugal. In the official opening of the 2017 edition of Cine’Eco Seia, the feature film will be live music by pianist Nicholas McNair. Pianist and musicologist, Nicholas McNair created live music for more than 150 silent films, at the Cinemateca Portuguesa (Lisbon), at the Cannes International Film Festival. He also collaborated in numerous concerts and recordings with the Gulbenkian Choir and Orchestra. Taking place on October 14, at 9:30 pm at the Cineteatro da Casa Municipal de Seia, the session will feature the presentation of Tiago Batista, from the Cinemateca Portuguesa.

Based on the homonymous piece by Francisco Lage and João Correia de Oliveira (1920), Os Lobos accompanies Ruivo, a sailor exiled to the Serra for a crime of passion. The arrival of the stranger, who ravishes the hearts of women and awakens passions, comes to disturb the quiet life of the rural village and the tragedy is guessed: “Sea lions should not climb the mountains,” Gardunho says, in a pronouncement of disgrace. Shot between 1922 and 1923, the film had the participation of non-professional actors and extras, and the photographic direction was given to Artur Costa de Macedo, who perfectly captures the natural and rural landscapes of Serra da Estrela and its traditions.

The CineEco 2017 is organized as usual by the municipality of Seia and this year is reinforced by the valorization of natural resources advocated by the Festival iNATURE Serra da Estrela and that the parallel activities of the Festival will be well evident, as in the celebrations that precede the week of CineEco.

CineEco is one of the oldest environmental film festivals in the world and is part of the Green Film Network, a platform of 40 festivals, of which it is also a founding member.

Fonte: Cine’ECO


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