Festival Cordas ends building future edition

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Cordas, the world’s music festival, ended Sunday after eight days of sharing string instruments and musicians from the four corners of the globe. The village of Madalena, on the island of Pico, has embraced the largest festival of chorphophones in the country. The audience voted and wants more Rafael Carvalho and Viola da Terra in the future edition of the String Festival.

Unforgettable musical moments were presented this year with the Israeli Eran Zamir who took the audience in a course of thousands of years of music from the Middle East, during his hour of performance; the most awarded Portuguese guitarist, Ruben Bettencourt, left audiences enthralled with his virtuosity in classical guitar; the Mozambican Michel William, with unmistakable sounds, and the Brazilian Maninho were very homesick of their origins and, with their musical trips, left participants wanting more. Cape Verdiano Tcheka mentioned on the stage of the Madalena Auditorium that he wants to return to the mountain island and make a video for his music. Yanan volunteered to come and present the Guzheng harp, as this year brought to Pico Pi’pa, China’s oldest instrument.

The Pico audiences insist that MiratecArts continue to work and present the master of the Viola of the Land of the Azores. The most voted idea Saturday night was for Ricardo Carvalho to spend Cordas week collaborating with all the musicians who came to the festival, thus adding the sound of Viola da Terra, the most Azorean instrument there is, to the sonorities of the four corners of the planet.

The second edition of the Festival Cordas was also marked by the awarding of the Star Prize “persistence and daring” to Luis Alberto Bettencourt for his career of more than 40 years of music, on a night that saw the Group of Strings Ilha Negra honor one of the greatest musical references with a rhapsody of their compositions.

The Festival Cordas opened with a procession of string instrument players from the islands of São Jorge, Faial and Pico at the MiratecArts Galeria Costa and ended with the presentation of various instruments on a journey through the seven chakras on the stage of the Madalena Square. João da Ilha presented his acoustic guitars in “Sound of Spheres”, accompanied by Vasco Ribeiro Casais, on the cavaquinho, brevis viola and nickelharpa, and also, Eran Zamir joined to add the sounds of Oud.

For Terry Costa, artistic director of MiratecArts and founder of the String Festival, this edition was a test for the future potential of the festival. “From the first to the second edition of the festival we went from two days of stage in the street to six days in the Auditorium of Madalena, which is a fabulous space with acoustics of the best that exists in the Azores, we went from a procession in the center of the village to occupy landscapes protected areas and emblematic sites in our village, we went from two presentations at the school to eight and did workshops that saw more than 400 children and young people from Madalena participate. I was left with the idea that we can develop these parameters of the Strings and increasingly use the music for the learning, giving the opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy these experiences that lead us to go around the planet through the art of the chordophones. ” And so begins the construction of the third edition of the String Festival, with the intention of overcoming the approximately 1500 spectators welcomed in this second edition.

Festival Cordas is organized by MiratecArts with presentation partner to the Town Hall of Madalena and support of the Regional Directorate of Culture.

Fonte: MiratecArts
Fotos: José Feliciano Photography


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